Preschool Development Grant

Statewide Strategic Plan

The Nebraska Early Childhood Strategic Plan establishes a shared vision for a more integrated early childhood care and education (ECCE) system in which children continuously experience quality ECCE services from birth through the transition to school.  The Strategic Plan was developed by asking stakeholders across Nebraska for feedback on the key findings of the 2019 comprehensive Needs Assessment and for recommendations for taking action to fill gaps and meet families’ and providers’ needs.  

The resulting Strategic Plan provides clear direction for how Nebraska will, through systems alignment and improved collaboration, increase the overall participation of children in quality ECCE services. 

By creating a more integrated system of services, more families can access the quality ECCE services and the essential services they need to help their young children thrive. 

Strategic Plan Goals

The four goals of the Strategic Plan are designed to work together so that as progress is made toward one goal, the work of the other goals is also advanced.  

Goal 1: Access—Each child and their family can access the quality ECCE services and the essential services they need to support each child’s healthy development. 

Goal 2: Quality—All ECCE settings provide quality experiences for children. 

Goal 3: Collaboration—Communities coordinate a locally designed mixed delivery system that provides continuous care and meets the needs of families.  

Goal 4: Alignment—Statewide systems align to support communities in creating an integrated and comprehensive mixed delivery system for all children. 

Performance Evaluation

The focus of the Performance Evaluation is to use measures to evaluate effectiveness of the implementation process and progress toward outcomes for all grant activities. The Evaluation uses a continuous communication feedback process to gauge key successes and challenges, to identify unintended outcomes and to assess how the activities are individually and collectively contributing to the goal of aligning Early Childhood Education Systems.

Organizational Lead: Buffett Early Childhood Institute

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