Who We Are

Nebraska Children and Families Foundation supports children, young adults, and families at risk with the overall goal of giving our state's most vulnerable kids what they need to thrive. We do this by building strong communities that support families so their children can grow up to be successful, productive adults.

The Nebraska Children Story


Create positive change for Nebraska’s children through community engagement.


A Nebraska where all children will have the resources and support to thrive.

Values in Action


  • We emphasize proactive choices over reactive ones, to anticipate and seize opportunities and avoid problems.
  • We model best practices and promote them in our community partners.
  • We are nimble in operation, innovative in mindset, and fearless in trying fresh approaches.


  • We work for all but will prioritize those children, families, and communities that are the most disadvantaged or discriminated against.
  • We level the playing field, speaking up for and supporting those whose voices are not heard or are silenced.


  • We are objective but not neutral.
  • We prioritize collective action over individual action, because we are better together.
  • We celebrate the success of others and recognize the contributions of others to our success.

Facts and Feelings

  • We base decisions and behaviors in sound practice that is founded in the best evidence.
  • We build on evidence-based practices with a willingness to explore and test innovative approaches.
  • We balance fidelity to evidence-based processes with the flexibility required to meet people and communities “where they are.”
  • We connect discrete data, policies, and practices so we and our stakeholders can see the big picture.


We empower families to be:

  • Healthy
  • Safe
  • Enjoying life
  • Achieving milestones
  • Contributing positively to their communities
  • Economically stable
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