Connected Youth Initiative

What is SIF

The Corporation for National and Community Service created the Social Innovation Fund (SIF), a key White House initiative intended to “create a learning network of organizations working to implement innovative and effective evidence-based solutions to local and national challenges in three priority areas: economic opportunity, healthy futures, and youth development.” (From

What happened?

The Corporation for National and Community Service has awarded a Social Innovation Fund (SIF) grant to Nebraska Children and Families Foundation. The grant will be used to expand the successful older youth system of care model to rural communities across the state to help unconnected youth become contributing, independent citizens.

How much?

Over the next 5 years, a total of $15 million will be invested in rural Nebraska communities thanks to the SIF grant.

SIF Federal - $1,000,000
SIF Private Match - $1,000,000
SIF Grantee Local Match - $800,000
Total - $2.8 million

CYI Total Investment

Omaha - $2.790 million to work with foster youth
Lincoln - $590,000 to work with foster youth
Panhandle - $400,000 to work with foster youth
SIF - $2.8 million to work with unconnected youth
Statewide - $740,000 Chafee funds

Total Investment to serve older youth in Nebraska


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