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In 2021−2022, Nebraskans will be engaged in an effort to further develop the Nebraska Early Childhood Strategic Plan, with a focus on identifying strategies and action plans for accomplishing its goals. Stakeholders will be invited to participate in conversations to ensure the plan addresses the priorities and needs of Nebraskans in diverse and unique communities across the state.

These conversations will include questions about what success looks like and how changes can be measured, helping to ensure that Nebraska has the capacity to evaluate progress and make data-informed decisions about how to improve early childhood services. This integrated and collaborative approach to needs assessment, strategic planning, and performance evaluation will help ensure that Nebraska creates sustainable change at the community and state levels.

Interested in joining the conversation? Click below to view a calendar of upcoming engagement events. 

Interested in helping us reach more people across Nebraska? If you’d like to see the strategic plan presented at one of your meetings or conferences, or if you’re excited to give people in your community the opportunity to provide feedback to improve the strategic plan, click below to let us know how we can help you reach more people in your community.

Interested in learning more about the Nebraska Early Childhood Strategic Plan? Click below to find more detailed information about the plan, including links to the strategic planning webinar, the executive summary of the Nebraska Early Childhood Strategic Plan, and other resources. 

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