Preschool Development Grant

PDG Overview

Nebraska’s goal is for families to have quality early childhood options, supported by strong community leadership and a well-aligned state system.

Nebraska was one of 46 states/territories to receive a notification of the Preschool Development Birth-Five Initial Grant Award from the Administration for Children and Families in December 2018. Its purpose is to encourage more efficient use of federal, local, and private resources to align and strengthen the delivery of existing early childhood services.

Administration for Families and Children Grant Program description

Nebraska has an established national reputation for promoting locally designed early childhood efforts and innovative public-private partnerships. Nebraska’s PDG award will build on those strengths by focusing on community-level needs and improving the alignment and effectiveness of early childhood systems. Activities funded through the grant will closely involve parents as the key stakeholders in guiding children’s early learning and development. These efforts will include the largest and most comprehensive survey of Nebraska families with young children yet conducted in the state.

Major Goals of the effort have been identified as:

  • Increase Access and Availability of programs and services
  • Increase overall quality
  • Increase parent information and choice
  • Enhance data systems to improve decision making
  • Increase coordination between collaborations and partnerships
  • Decrease systemic barriers

Organizational Documents

Grant Funded Activities

  1. Needs Assessment
  2. Statewide Strategic Plan
  3. Maximizing Parental Choice and Knowledge
  4. Sharing Best Practices to Strengthen the Early Childhood Workforce
  5. Improving the Overall Quality of Early Childhood Care and Education

The Preschool Development Grant offers an unprecedented opportunity for Nebraska to assess and improve its early childhood system at the state and local levels. It also provides a framework to bring together the combined resources and expertise of state agencies, early childhood and K-12 educators, community leaders, nonprofits and an array of private sector interests for a common goal—to improve the developmental outcomes of our state’s youngest children.

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