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Prevention Portfolio

Our Prevention Portfolio

Each of our initiatives is part of a larger prevention portfolio. Initiatives can be plugged into each Community Prevention System to address specific issues along the cradle to career spectrum.

The Prevention Portfolio represents the available initiatives, practices and processes to build the right Community Prevention System based on each community's unique needs. The system can plug in proven initiatives that work across the age spectrum by tapping evidence-based practices. Any piece that's implemented is done so with a Collective Impact approach, an Community Response framework, with an eye on increasing the Protective Factors in the families being served.


In the center of the circle, are age-specific initiatives that Nebraska Children developed to address specific areas where a community needs to see improvement.

  • Early Childhood - Sixpence Early Learning Programs, Communities for Kids, and Rooted in Relationships address the needs of the youngest children, ensuring that parents and caregivers have the necessary knowledge to foster healthy development.
  • School Age - Beyond School Bells works with school districts across the state to provide afterschool and summer learning opportunities that are proven to close the achievement gap. Camp Catch-Up reunites siblings from age 8-19 who have been separated by foster care. The goal is to nurture the critical connections between brothers and sisters, to create a sense of permanency in the lives of children who have experienced far too much upheaval and instability.
  • Older Youth - Connected Youth Initiative and Project Everlast work to harness the voice of "unconnected youth" ages 14-26 -- many of whom have aged out of the foster care system -- and to help them create a plan to transition to a stable, productive adulthood.

Evidence-Based Practices

Each of our initiatives uses Evidence-Based Practices that are proven to have a positive impact. The second band lists the Evidence-Based Practices currently in use by Nebraska Children.

The Products

The outer ring represents the overall context of how these initiatives and practices are delivered:

  • The Process | Collective Impact - A specific type of collaboration that ensures community ownership and maximizes existing resources.
  • The System | Community Response - This model for the resulting Community Prevention System allows families to be served by community organizations without unnecessary involvement of the child welfare system. 
  • The Outcome | Protective Factors - The result of the initiatives, Evidence-Based Practices, Collective Impact process and Community Response model is an increase in Protective Factors, a nationally recognized predictor of family strength, health and stability.
215 Centennial Mall South, Suite 200
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