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What are Nebraska Children's Community Well-Being Indicators?

The Community Well-Being Indicators provide context related to the well-being of populations across Nebraska. These indicators, most collected annually since 2009, consist of county-level and state-level data related to:

  1. Births to teens,
  2. Child abuse/neglect,
  3. English language learners,
  4. High school graduation,
  5. Infant deaths,
  6. Juvenile arrests,
  7. Out of home care,
  8. Poverty,
  9. Reading proficiency at 3rd grade, and
  10. Single parent households

For definitions of these indicators (as of 2016), download the Community Well-Being Indicators Data Book.

How are the Community Well-Being Indicators used?

The Community Well-Being Indicators serve several purposes. These are:

  • Gauging success: For Nebraska Children and Families Foundation, a subset of these indicators provide one mechanism used to gauge the extent to which our work is successful in achieving intended outcomes. Specifically, Nebraska Children and Families Foundation sees positive change in the number and rate of 1) births to teens, 2) substantiated cases of child abuse/neglect, 3) high school graduation, 4) infant deaths, 5) juvenile arrests, 6) children in out of home care, and 7) 3rd grade children who tested proficient in reading as indicators of success, when success is defined as simultaneously 1) enhancing individuals’ (e.g. children, youth) and families’ protective factors and 2) building the capacity of communities to co-create an environment that values and actively supports prevention.
  • Communicating need: Nebraska Children and Families Foundation also uses the Community Well-Being Indicators to communicate how counties across the state are faring relative to the state average.
  • Informing investments: Historically, Nebraska Children has also used the Community-Well Being Indicators to inform the investments it makes in communities across the state.
  • Empowering others: Additionally, Nebraska Children and Families Foundation curates the Community Well-Being Indicator data set with the intention of making county-level and state level Community Well-Being Indicator data available to professionals working in and with communities across the state. Using this data as well as other data sources, professionals are empowered to plan, implement, and evaluate work to promote the well-being of people in communities across the state.

Who do I contact for additional information?

Nebraska Children and Families Foundation is committed to empowering local, regional, and state leaders with the information needed to promote effective decision-making. If you would like a report containing information about the Community Well-Being Indicators in your county or counties, please visit the Nebraska Community Opportunity Map.

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