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Mindful Minutes

Mindful Minute | May 29, 2020

Join MisMiki for today’s mindful moment. MisMiki is a Lecturer/Lead Teacher at Ruth Staples Child Development Laboratory. She shares ideas for supporting young children’s social-emotional development with mindful breathing using shapes and “Take 5”.

Mindful Minute | May 15, 2020

NAIMH member, Carrie Gottschalk, is our guest facilitator for today's Mindfulness Minute. Join her as she shares a brief guided meditation to help find calm. It's empowering for each of us to know that we have the ability within to push pause, breathe, and relax our muscles, all of which provide a visceral sense of calm and peace. We invite you to use these moments frequently throughout your day as this is something you can access easily anywhere, anytime.  

Mindful Minute | May 7, 2020

Dr. Holly Hatton-Bowers, a NAIMH co-lead shares the next Mindful Moment. During these uncertain and stressful times it can be important to practice self-compassion. There are many benefits when practicing self-compassion, such as increased emotional resilience and psychological well-being. According to Dr. Kristin Neff, the three core component of self-compassion are practicing mindfulness to be present in this moment without worrying about the future or what happened in the past, 2) embracing that we are not alone and others experience moments of suffering and difficulties just like me and 3) showing ourselves kindness rather than self-judgement. Take this time to practice a self-compassion break.

Self-compassion break with Kristen Neff.


Mindful Minute | April 30, 2020

NAIMH Co-lead, Sami Bradley, LIMHP  is our “Mindful Moment” speaker of the day. She is with Rooted in Relationships at Nebraska Children and Families Foundation.

Using mindfulness with your children is a great way to help with co-regulation, the ability of caregivers and children to regulate together. Children and adults both benefit tremendously from learning and utilizing mindfulness techniques. It is most helpful when these skills can be taught prior to actually “needing them.” If you can teach your children strategies when you are both in a relaxed and calm state, they will be more likely to recall and use those strategies when they are feeling upset or overwhelmed. Hint: This goes for us as adults as well! When we are able to regulate our own emotions we are better able to support and hold our children’s emotions as well. The Power of Mindfulness is a great article on how a meditation practice can help kids.

Here is the link to the free printables from Coping Skills for Kids.

Mindful Minute | April 23, 2020

Mindful Minute | April 17, 2020

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