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Information and Resources

  • Nebraska 211 keeps an accurate and comprehensive database that you can use to find health and human services to meet your needs.

  • now includes ChildcareLNK, an extensive catalog of the more than 700 current child care openings in Lincoln

  • - Must have dependent child in the home
    - If already on Economic Assistance program- no separate application just call and request assistance
    - Must be sustainable
    - High priority processing - usually a 24-hour turn around
    - Only eligible one time in a 12 month period of time
    If you are on assistance already, just call to the Economic Assistance line and request emergency assistance

  • The ADC Program provides financial payments to dependent children, age 18 or younger, and eligible parents who meet financial eligibility requirements.
    During the national emergency, Good Cause will be granted to all Employment First individuals who did not meet the work requirement beginning the month of March until further notice. In addition, the requirement to develop and complete a self-sufficiency ADC/TANF contract before an ADC case is approved is being waived due to “good cause."

  • Assists low-income households in meeting energy costs. Benefits are based on family size, income level, fuel type, and geographic residency in the state. Due to the impact of COVID-19, there may be an increase in the number of households requesting LIHEAP crisis assistance. DHHS may consider the inability to pay home energy costs as a result of the impact of COVID-19 as an extenuating circumstance.

  • - Tax preparation information
    - Housing & home-ownership assistance
    - Financial assistance including - dealing with debt, protecting credit, disaster assistance loans for small businesses
    - State/local policies
    - Other: assistance for nonprofits , fundraising during financial crisis, information about student loan deferments, etc.

  • File for unemployment insurance (UI) as soon as you receive notice that you are being laid-off, furloughed, let go or their place of work is closed due to COVID. Dept. of Labor has made this process more rapid and several requirements are being waived for UI claims such as searching for new work and the one-week wait period.

  • The Nebraska Legislature is currently postponed until it is safe and necessary to call members back. During this pause in the legislative session, senators and their offices continue their work. They are collaborating with the executive branch and government agencies to implement and communicate emergency policy changes.

    Use link below to find your state senator. After you identify your state senator, you can look up their pages on social media by searching their name on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Many of them are communicating important updates for their constituents. You can also contact their offices with the information listed on their website.

215 Centennial Mall South, Suite 200
Lincoln, Nebraska 68508

Monday-Friday: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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