Our approach

The science

The verdict is in. The nation’s brightest minds in child psychology, family dynamics, criminal justice, social work and even economics have come to the same conclusion: It is far more effective and less expensive to prevent a child from entering the welfare or criminal justice system than it is to try to pull an adult out.

Adverse childhood experiences

Adverse childhood experiences are one of the most accurate predictors of future problems. Children who are exposed to abuse, neglect, poverty, criminal acts and other traumatic stressors are at a far greater risk for substance abuse, depression, chronic diseases, violence and risky behaviors. What’s more, the compounding effect of adverse childhood experiences increases the child’s risk with each exposure.

Reducing the risk

At Nebraska Children and Families Foundation, we invest in children from birth to young adulthood with initiatives that are focused on preventing multiple adverse childhood experiences. By working with our community partners to understand the risks facing children at every stage of their development, we can identify the most effective avenues to create positive change.

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