Preschool Development Grant

Parent Knowledge and Choice

To maximize parent choices, appropriate information needs to be available at the right time, in the right place and in a way that best suits family needs. As resources permit, and based on input from families, service providers and communities, Nebraska’s PDG partners will develop, improve or widen access to information to support parents as educators and caregivers. These efforts will involve an array of print, online and multimedia resources to help parents promote healthy early development and navigate the transition into kindergarten. Special attention will be paid to the early learning needs of non-English-speaking families. Recommendations will inform the Strategic Plan for future enhancements that resources, time or priorities will not currently allow.

Specific Activities and Organizational Leads:

  1. Identifying Information Parents Need and Learning Begins At Birth
    ​​​​​​Develop and implement revisions to the First Connections with Families Learning Begins at Birth resource for Parents of Newborns
    Organizational Leads: Nebraska Children and Families Foundation and First Five Nebraska
  2. Getting Ready Train-the-Trainer Expansion
    This evidence-based program supports the engagement of parents of vulnerable children in order to promote parental warmth, sensitivity, and active participation in children’s early learning
    Organizational Lead: UNL – Center for Research on Children, Youth, Families and Schools (CYFS)
  3. Ready Rosie Expansion
    Building on the Communities for Kids infrastructure, the Ready Rosie program will be expanded. Ready Rosie is a comprehensive family engagement resource that builds on parents’ knowledge for families with children 0- 3rd grade. Ready Rosie uses video and mobile technology along with workshops and professional learning opportunities to increase school readiness
    More information about Ready Rosie
    Organizational Lead: Nebraska Children and Families Foundation's Communities for Kids initiative

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