Preschool Development Grant

Needs Assessment

We are pleased to report that the final PDG Needs Assessment report was completed and submitted to the federal government at the end of November. The team at Buffett Early Childhood Institute is deeply grateful to all our partners who participated in surveys and interviews, helped us connect with families and other stakeholders, and provided feedback on the data and report. The full Needs Assessment report is available below, and we will disseminate a shorter, synthesized version in early 2020.

Findings from the Needs Assessment have provided a strong foundation for the strategic planning process.

A preliminary draft of the Strategic Plan is currently being reviewed by the PDG Nebraska Leadership Team and will be shared with the ECICC task force in December. A revised draft of the plan will be available for broader review and feedback in January, when we will launch a statewide stakeholder feedback campaign. We are especially interested in getting feedback from parents and families. If you know of a parent group that might be interested in sharing thoughts about the strategic plan, please contact Hallie Duke ( as soon as possible. Also, please watch your inbox for an invitation to the next round of SPAT meetings, which will be held in January via Zoom.

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