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Cozy, Calming Corners

What is a Cozy, Calming Corner?

Children sometimes need a place to take a break from what's happening around them, a safe space where they can go to calm down or solve problems. A cozy, calming corner is a comfortable place away from active areas of the classroom where children can choose to go to sort through big emotions (not a "time out" area).


Nebraska Association of Infant Mental Health Information

The Nebraska Association of Infant Mental Health provides the following resources to implement Cozy, Calming Corners.

Cozy, Calming Corner Training

Licensed early childhood professionals who participate in a free one-hour Cozy Corner training through the Nebraska Department of Education (see more information on enrolling) will obtain 1 in-service hour:

The training session provides you with:

  • Recommendations of components to establish a cozy corner (free kits are no longer available);
  • The knowledge to establish a secure and inviting environment for children to unwind and rejuvenate;
  • Insights into the pivotal role adults play in the cozy, calming corner experience;
  • Knowledge to develop a comprehensive plan for a cozy, calming corner of your own;

Free supplies through this training are no longer available.



We Want to See Your Cozy, Calming Corner


Send us pictures of your Calming Corner. Please send your photos to Greta Carlson. You can view photos by visiting our Your Calming Corners page.



Want More Training?

If you want more information after completing the NDE course, you can also access a free supplemental training video provided by Lakeshore by clicking on the button below.

More Resources

Nebraska Groups and Supports:
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Cozy, Calming Program Report

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