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Stacy Scholten, Assistant VP Early Childhood Mental Health

Stacy has served families for the last 11 years who were involved with the child welfare system in both Nebraska and the state of Washington.  The last three years of her work at the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services has been on focusing on building relationships with system partners who are serving children involved with child welfare.  As the administrator of both Service Array and Programs Promoting Well-Being, her team acted as a liaison for the Division of Children and Family Services with other DHHS divisions (Medicaid, Behavioral Health, and the Division of Developmental Disabilities) and additional state partners such as the Nebraska Department of Education and the 3 Managed Care Organizations.  Stacy has her Masters of Science degree in Child, Youth, and Family Studies from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln.  During her graduate studies, she worked at the Ruth Staples Child Development Lab and also served as the Assistant Director of a child development center.

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