Impact areas

Nebraska Children and Families Foundation is committed to supporting health and development for children from cradle to career. Our early childhood, middle childhood and teen/early adulthood initiatives concentrate on key areas of development on the childhood spectrum, while other programs touch every stage. The result is a comprehensive approach to prevention based on the developmental needs of each age group.

Selecting communities

  • Juvenile arrests
  • Poverty
  • Graduation rate
  • Infant deaths
  • Number of state wards
  • Child abuse and neglect
  • Births to teen parents
  • English as a second language

With this data in hand, Nebraska Children and Families Foundation scans the state for the areas of greatest need, where the community is ready to engage in a community-wide collaboration and where outside support and investments will maximize the difference made to the community’s children. From there, we review and determine what investments should be leveraged for the greatest impact.

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