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The Nebraska Early Childhood Coaching Guidebook: Competencies for Professional Practice – A Closer Look at Domain 1: Setting the Foundation

Wednesday, October 27, 2021 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Location: Zoom
Description: A webinar overview of the NE Coaching Competencies was presented earlier this year and feedback indicated the need for a deeper dive into the competencies to make them a useful tool in coaches’ work. Join us for a closer look at Domain 1: Setting the Foundation.

Setting the Foundation for a successful coaching relationship starts with knowing and understanding the parameters of the coaching initiative(s) from which coaches work and desired outcomes. Understanding the components of coaching interactions and the need for ongoing reflection is essential. What does establishing a strong foundation for ongoing coaching relationships look and sound like, and what tools can coaches use within this domain?

Join us to learn more about meaningful ways to set the foundation for a successful coaching relationship.
• Participants will explore the mission and purpose of their sponsoring coaching initiatives (e.g. parameters of the coaching initiative).
• Participants will understand what is required in a coaching interaction when coming to an agreement about the coaching process (e.g. boundaries and confidentiality, mutual agreement about roles and responsibilities).
• Participants will identify the specific Code of Ethics that is relevant to their roles and reflect on ways to apply them appropriately in coaching situations.
• Participants will gain understanding of ways to create and support an inclusive and equitable learning environment for educators. (e.g. build foundational knowledge of settings in which educators work, developmental experiences with ages of the children in classrooms/homes, adult learning principles, and skills necessary for an anti-bias approach).
• Participants will learn more about using an anti-bias approach in their work with educators, families, and children. “An anti-bias approach includes thoughtful preparation and planning that is racially, ethnically, culturally, and linguistically responsive and that positively applies an equity lens to address power, status, privilege, and the impact of racism.” (PBC Competencies)

Workshop Facilitator:
LeLynda P. Briggs (she/her), MSC, NCC
Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant, Kid Squad at Child Saving Institute

LeLynda is a graduate of Loyola University New Orleans and has been a mental health practitioner for 11 years. She specializes in working with children, youth, and families including those in the court system (foster care & delinquency). She currently provides mental health consultation in the Early Childhood setting (ages 0-5). In addition to mental health consultation, LeLynda serves as the Co-Chair to CSI’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee and has a deep passion for promoting and doing the work of fostering diverse and inclusive spaces for marginalized people.
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Contact Information:
Christen Million
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