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Community Well-Being Data

A new interactive information tool, the Nebraska Community Opportunity Map, is now live to the public, ensuring that policymakers and other stakeholders will have centralized, easy-to-navigate access to data that’s vital to their work. Specifically, this free resource is designed to increase access to information about communities, especially data relevant to the well-being of Nebraska’s children and families. The ultimate goal is to give policymakers and other stakeholders another tool for making data-informed decisions about resource allocation, service delivery, emergency planning, city planning, and other vital functions.

Click here to view the Nebraska Community Opportunity Map.

Nebraska Children's investments in Lancaster County

Bring Up Nebraska/Community Response 

Bring Up Nebraska is an alternative approach that seeks to strengthen families and enhance child well-being without the intervention of the child welfare system. Families can be served before warning signs become a crisis through a united community response effort. Participants in the Lincoln collaborative are nonprofit service providers, doctors, mental health practitioners, schools, churches, housing and transportation services, and even utilities companies.The goal is to give families what they need to thrive so they can stay together, remain self-sufficient, and support the health and learning of their children.

Nebraska Behavioral Health System of Care 

System of Care is a framework for designing mental health services and supports for children and youth who have a serious emotional disturbance, and their families, through a collaboration across and involving public and private agencies, families and youth. It is a new way of doing business that brings together committed partnerships under one umbrella.

Lincoln Child Abuse Prevention Council 

The council serves as a resource hub for area families who need support and raising awareness of child abuse and neglect. Contact: Kodi Bonesteel at

Beyond School Bells Citywide ELO System

Nebraska Children provides substantial financial and technical support to the Lincoln Public Schools Community Learning Centers to provide high-quality afterschool and summer learning opportunities, as well as parent engagement activities. Lincoln implemented a full-service community-schools partnership serving the city’s highest needs. The new system-wide infrastructure is focused on addressing homelessness and other basic needs and behavioral health issues that will keep children out of the welfare system.

Connected Youth Initiative

A network of support services and resource for youth aging out of foster care in the Lincoln area. The program is youth-driven, and contributors from government, education, housing, transportation and healthcare commit to helping youth as they transition from foster care to adulthood.

Project Everlast Council - Lincoln Each Project Everlast Council creates opportunities for youth in care and alumni to connect with each other, share resources and provide input on program and policy issues.

Rooted in Relationships

Nebraska Children has provided grant funds, ongoing training, planning facilitation and implementation support for a community-owned initiative to improve the social-emotional outcomes of the area’s children, from birth to age 8.

Prosper Lincoln - Early Childhood

Prosper Lincoln is a community initiative/agenda that was developed with broad community input and support after the Lincoln Vital Signs report came out. Vital Signs confirmed that Lincoln is a great community in which to live. It also detailed that some of our residents are struggling with significant needs. Prosper Lincoln is a response designed to improve the prosperity for all Lincoln residents with a focus on those most in need. Prosper Lincoln has a three-pillar approach: Early Childhood, Employment Skills, and Innovation/Entrepreneurship.

We take a collective impact approach to bring together the people doing the work so that we can accomplish more with a common agenda, mutually reinforcing activities, continuous communication, shared measurement, and backbone support. Nebraska Children is the backbone support for Prosper Lincoln’s Early Childhood work.

Sixpence Early Learning Program

Program partnership between Lincoln Public Schools, Educare and Cedars provides center-based and home-based care for at-risk babies and toddlers.

Child care centers are available in four Lincoln high schools, so that babies and toddlers born to students can thrive and hit their milestones during these critical years. Home visitation services are also provided by a Student Parent Advocate beginning when the student parent is in the prenatal stages.

Monthly Parent and child events are offered to families through our partnership with Nebraska Children’s Home Society. Each school has a Student Parent Team consisting of an administrator, teachers, a counselor, a school social worker, the school nurse, and a home visitor. The team meets regularly to monitor students’ attendance, grades, and assist in accessing services in order to ensure success in graduating from high school.

Childcare offered on site at the high school during the school day. One to two evenings a week, care is extended if needed for study time. Students are actively involved in the care of their child as their academic schedule allows.

Students are enrolled in a parenting class, meeting daily. During this class student parents learn about child development, parenting skills, and community resources. Two days per week the students apply what they have learned by doing activities with their children in the childcare center. The parents are enrolled in this class each semester they utilize the center. Students receive credit for this course.

Past Nebraska Children and Families Foundation Grants:

  • Nebraska CASA of Lancaster County
  • Lincoln Medical Education Partnership’s Young Families Program/
  • Cedars Youth Services Therapeutic Child Care
  • YWCA of Lincoln’s Take a Break program
  • Lincoln Action Program – Lincoln Free to Grow
  • Lincoln Fatherhood Initiative


Lincoln Success Stories

Sixpence Spotlight: Bryan Community Focus Program


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