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Cass County, NE

Child Well-Being Snapshot

See the state of child well-being in Cass County below. All data comes from the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, the Nebraska Department of Education, the Nebraska Commission on Law Enforcement and Crimial Justice, the US Census Bureau and the County Health Rankings and Roadmap Program. Population analysis by CPAR at UNO. Population estimates based on 2009-2014 data.

26 percent of Cass County's population is children age 18 or younger.

6 percent of the population in Cass County Nebraska is living below the poverty line

Cass County Nebraska has seen a decline in substantiated child abuse and neglect rates since 2010

Number of kids in foster care in Cass County has declined since 2010

Reading proficiency among 3rd graders in Cass County has stayed flat

3 percent of children in Cass County Nebraska live in a home where a language other than English is spoken.

Juvenile Arrests in Cass County have declined since 2010

Births to teens is at its lowest since in 4 years in Cass County Nebraska

18 percent of children in Cass County Nebraska lived in a single-parent household in 2013

Nebraska Children's investments in Cass County

Sixpence Early Learning Program Plattsmouth

This is a partnership is between Plattsmouth Community Schools (PCS), Loving Hands Child Care, Cass County Head Start, Cass Family Medicine, Sarpy/Cass Department of Health and Wellness, and The Early Childhood Consortium of the Omaha Area (ECCOA). Endowment funds established a new home visitation program to serve at-risk babies and toddlers. The program also provides monthly community based early childhood trainings to assist in increasing the quality of care.

View stories from the Plattsmouth Sixpence Early Learning Program.


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