All children can be ready to succeed.

Kindergarten readiness in Nebraska.

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Making sure that every child in Nebraska is ready to succeed in kindergarten is vital to closing the achievement gap and ensuring equal opportunity for all. When you download the Kindergarten Readiness eBook, you'll get valuable information on how to prepare the children in your life to succeed in kindergarten.

Kindergarten readiness is more than just preschool -- it starts at birth. Making sure that babies and toddlers develop the crucial neural connections before age 3 is critical to their future learning success. At Nebraska Children, our statewide collaborations, including the Sixpence Early Learning Program, help ensure that more than 1,000 at-risk babies and toddlers get the high-quality early childhood experiences they need to thrive in their early years.

Watch this video from one of our Sixpence sites to see how early learning can make a difference for children and their families.

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