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NEBRASKA COVID-19 FAQ for Communities

Public education campaigns to stop the spread of COVID

  • Finish Strong Nebraska is the state's official COVID-19 vaccination campaign and supports the state's efforts to end the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic in order to return to normal.

    The goal is to vaccinate Nebraska and to inform and encourage all residents who are eligible to get vaccinated when it's their turn.

  • Public education campaign to encourage people to do the right thing to prevent spread of COVID. Toolbox includes posters/flyers/Twitter and FB cover images.

CARES Act Funding Opportunities

Community Response

Government Guidance

Busting Barriers webinar

Statewide Call Notes

Q: Is there any funding to buy food and take baskets?

A: See main page and/or local resources for food pantries. For those youth or families who have barriers to access food pantries, yes, please use either Community Response or Connected Youth Initiative Support Services Funding to meet basic needs including food.  3/22/2020

Q: Will individual community websites, resources, and social media sites be added to the Nebraska Children COVID-19 resources link above?

A: Yes! If your community site is not listed, please send to   3/22/2020

Q: Do we know if Cox is waiving their requirement to be new customers (no service in the last 90 days) for the low-income program?

A: Click here for more information  3/22/20

Q: Any update on the HUD directive for suspending evictions and foreclosures?

A: Click here for more information  3/22/2020

Q: Is NTAP (Nebraska Telephone Assistance Program) still available?

A: See Nebraska Children COVID-19 resource page. NTAP is available, and there is a link for more information and instructions to apply.  3/22/2020

Q: What about specific requirements in our local CR systems (i.e. coaching attendance to receive support services funds, caps on funding, etc)?

A: With regard to local requirements, please know it is within local control to determine the priorities and processes for meeting needs and filling gaps for families and young people in your community. Many communities are removing monthly caps and community-specific requirements for participation. We do ask that you continue to complete Participant Information Forms and Support Services Forms to the best of your ability. For specific questions, contact Mary Pinker at    3/22/20

Q: Are there resources to address infant formula shortages?

A: The Similac rep shared they have a website with accurate live data on which stores have formula,  Factories have ramped production and they are doing their best to meet the demands.   3/27/20

Q: Who is my DHHS Community Support Specialist? (contact for specific questions on publicly available services, including Economic Assistance)

A: 3/22/2020

Q: Can we have more Central Navigator statewide calls throughout this crisis?

A: Yes!  Central Navigator calls will occur weekly, Thursdays at 10am.  Information to connect:

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 929 504 480

One tap mobile
+16699006833,,929504480# US (San Jose)
+16465588656,,929504480# US (New York)

Dial by your location
+1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)
+1 646 558 8656 US (New York)

Q: There may be a need to increase Central Navigation staff capacity throughout the crisis. Can we shift funds around or ask for additional funds?

A: Yes, please make plans that make sense for your local area. First, look to your budget line items that will likely not be used as planned (travel, meeting expenses, etc) and see where you can find dollars.  When short, please reach out to Mary at   3/22/20

Q: What are other community plans for addressing specific guidelines or caps on support services funds?

A: Each community is handling in their own way that makes sense for resources. Additional resources will funnel to CR for emergency needs.     3/27/20

Q: How are others reaching outlying counties?

A: Outreach to outlying counties is occurring through the community Playbook process. If outlying counties are reaching out, please serve as you are able, and connect with other collaboratives, Nebraska Children, and other partners on emerging needs.    3/27/20

Q: Are others doing in-home visits? If so, are they using a screening tool?

A: Many are connecting via virtual resources, including phone, FaceTime, Zoom, and other software.   3/27/20

Q: Can budgeting classes be available online for families?

A: Yes, many areas are planning how they can offer a variety of trainings via online videos, Zoom, and social media.  Project Everlast Omaha has shared their profile link for how they are reaching young people: .   3/22/20

Q: How do I connect with my local ESU staff?

A: 3/27/2020

Q: How can students access free Wifi? 

A: Free Wifi is available by most providers in areas across the state. Some more remote communities have put hot spots in public places where residents can drive up and connect from their cars. Verizon and AT&T are offering free hotspot usage for customers. There may be a cost associated, and CR/CYI support services funds can fill in gaps where costs are unavoidable. 

Offering free Internet: Spectrum, Comcast, Allo (Lancaster), Pinpoint Communications. Cox offers a low-cost internet of $9.95 per month. is a resource for cheaper internet as well. 

TogetherWeRise is also offering emergency assistance for college youth, incl. technology. Go to and scroll to the bottom of the page for application. 

Idea for WiFi: Many school buses are often equipped with WiFi. Could the school bus park in neighborhoods during the day for family homes to draw on the Wifi? If any local areas utilize this strategy, please share lessons learned. 


Q. As we see an increase in DV, what can we do for temporary housing solutions?

A. One suggestion is to contract with local hotels, who are also seeing a decrease in business and need the support. Together, there may be solutions for temporary housing that help everyone. Please share any lessons learned of this strategy. 

This website is for the Neb Coalition of Domestic Violence. The page will provide phone numbers as well as a map of providers in Nebraska.  3/27/20


Q: For questions surrounding CR/CYI data collection during the COVID 19 disaster. 

A: See document: COVID 19 Data Collection FAQ    updated 4/16/20 

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