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Kevin Hensel, Senior Vice President of External Relations

Kevin Hensel, Senior Vice President of External Relations

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Kevin Hensel is Senior Vice President of External Relations and brings a vast array of experience to the team. Kevin is primarily responsible for assisting the President and CEO with implementation, measurement, completion, and effective communication of the organization’s strategic priorities, with primary focus on board development, marketing and public relations, and fund development.

Kevin has experience in both the human services non-profit sector as well as the for-profit corporate sector. He is a former trainer with the Boys Town National Resource and Training Center, with specialization in Treatment Foster Family Services, where he built and maintained relationships with human and social service agencies across the country while providing training, evaluative and consultative services in order to implement the Boys Town model of care within their organizations. As the Chief Communications Officer with the Burlington Capital Group, Kevin oversaw the marketing and communications team and the human resources and development team, as well as worked closely with the board of managers and investors.

Kevin has a bachelor’s degree in Human and Social Services Administration and a master’s degree in Leadership. He is also a certified John Maxwell coach, speaker, and trainer.

Kevin is married to Laurie and they have two children attending Nebraska Wesleyan University.

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